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Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) mHealth Introduction

Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM |Herguan University 
595 Lawrence Expressway, 
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Professor Nanji Qin: CTO, Founder of Zero-point Energy Biomedicine Engineering; All One Quantum Energy Research at NASA Ames Research Park; Dean of Zero-point Energy Biomedicine Engineering school and postdoctoral fellow instructors for Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of East West Medicine.

Dr. Wing Kan Nip: CEO, All One Quantum Energy Research at NASA Ames Research Park; Visiting professor of Quantum medicine and director of the Quantum laboratories, University of East West Medicine.

Dr. Yinqiu Wang: Chancellor, Herguan Univerisity, University of East-West Medicine and American University of Technology; Chairman, Alliance of Herguan Universe.




6:00 pm     Registration & Networking

7:00 pm     Welcome Remarks 

7:10 pm      Introduction of Venue Sponsor         

7:15 pm      Prof. Nanji Qin

8:00 pm      Dr. Win Kan Nip

8:25 pm      Dr. Yingqiu Wang

8:45 pm      Q&A

9:00 pm      Adjourn

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ZPE mHealth, which combines both modern and traditional Chinese medical knowledge and techniques, is dedicated to non-profit use for mobile medical eSolution. This healthcare solution is built upon the quantum element information platform, which allows doctors to care for their patients’ health.

With just a small amount of hair, the ZPE Quantum Interference machine can analyze, monitor and diagnosis patient health condition remotely. Currently, a Quantum Life Database of thousand healthy conditions is built based on the Zero-point Energy Biomedicine Engineering theory, as part of the mHealth solution. With a strand of human hair as the Quantum identity, the ZPE Quantum Interference machine can monitor and detect multidimensional patient health condition regardless of patient’s locations. This technology is based on bionics theory of quantum tunneling effect on human meridian system.

In this talk, Professor Qin Nanji and Dr. Nip will demonstrate the use of the ZPE quantum interference machine for remote monitoring and healing. We will review how uremia can be treated remotely which can ease or minimize the pain. The talk will also describe how ZPE mHealth can help physicians and patients to collaborate to build new knowledge, to form learning and teaching platform and to develop an open source technology platform.

"Non Invasive Evidence Based Technology: Look deeper into your health without side effect"

All One Quantum Energy Research Inc.

NASA Ames Research Park


Speaker Topics


Professor Nanqi Qin’s Topics

Title: Cloud-based ZPE Quantum biophysics database for ZPE mHealth 

The talk will describe different types of cloud-based databases based on ZPE built for mHealth. The purpose is to share the discovery and invention of ZPE quantum biology.


Dr. Wing Kan Nip’s Topics

Title: The potential of using ZPE Quantum Hair Analyzer in the field of mHealth

The talk will focus on two areas: 1) Demonstration of ZPE Quantum Hair Analyzer; and 2) how mHealth can leverage ZPE Quantum Hair Analyzer and its database for mHealth solution. The purpose of this talk is to Share the experience of using ZPE Quantum Hair Analyzer and seek cooperation to build system for mHealth.


Chancellor Yingqiu Wang's Topic

Title: Herguan Cloud Quantum Medicine

The talk will cover the Herguan Quantum Medicine 8 Principles and the Herguan Medicine for the health and the treatment (such as facial, strong health, prevention diseases, memory loss, anti-aging etc.) The purpose the talk is to help the people using the Herguan Quantum Medicine for the healthy and the computer diseases treatment.



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