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Digital Health: Where Patient, Caregiver & Technology Meet

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 | 6:30-9:00 PM|

Building 1, Café 1

3410 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Parking is free.

Enter from the lobby and head west to the cafeteria (at the end on the right hand side).



Julie Perkins VP of Clinical Marketing at Core Mobile, Inc

Roger Lam Principal Consultant in Kaiser Permanente

Amir Arabkheradmand Sr. User Experience Researcher at SAP’s AppHaus

Anja Bog hief Technologist, SAP HANA Platform for Healthcare

David Parpart Senior Program Coordinator at MV Foundation & Founder of  Health 2.0 Silicon Valley



6:30 pm Registration, Dinner and Cocktail, Networking
7:00 pm Introduction by Kaustav Mitra, SAP Startup Focus founder
7:10 pm The design thinking session

8:00pm Wrap up session
8:05 pm Panel discussion: “Issues in Healthcare Innovation”
9:05 pm Adjourn



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Healthcare is a maze. How do we provide higher quality healthcare to more people while simultaneously lowering the cost care delivery? The night will start with an introduction to design thinking in healthcare, guided by the question, “how do we better understand the healthcare system through the lens of patients and healthcare providers, and use this information to design solutions that can address these issues at a more fundamental level?” Please see the design thinking construct provided by Amir below.


The second part will be dedicated in exploring how emerging technologiescan advance the practice of medicine, improve health outcomes for patients, and empower the bottom lines of healthcare organizations.


Part 1 : Introduction to design thinking in healthcare

Amir Arabkheradmand

Sr. User Experience Researcher at SAP’s AppHaus


Amir Arabkheradmand is the Sr. User Experience Researcher at SAP’s AppHaus, an SAP innovation team focusing on consumer products. His role is to understand the context and define the problem space, help design and engage with co-innovation partners in the early stages of projects, facilitate design thinking workshops, and use contextual inquiry methods to outline the process, identify stakeholders, and derive insights. 

The purpose of our design thinking activity is to:

  • Introduce some of basic design thinking methods to attendees

  • Discuss current challenges in the healthcare field

  • Warm up and alignment for the panel session


Session Agenda:

Attendees will be divided in groups with assigned facilitators. Every group goes through the exact process. The outcome of this 55 min process is a “how might we” statement. These statements are good starters for design process because they focus on a specific topic and clearly define the problem that needs to be solved. The following is the agenda for the session:

        1. Team up and intro exercise (5min)

        2. Eco-system discussion, method: network diagram, outcome: identify an opportunity area (10min)

        3. Stakeholder discussion, method: persona, outcome: familiarity with main roles contributing to the defined opportunity area (10min)

        4. Value (KPI) discussion, method: brainstorming, outcome: create emerging values for stakeholders beyond what’s obvious (10min)

        5. Business model discussion, method: analogy, outcome: suggest a creative and different business model influenced by a successful analogous (10min)

        6. Writing and presenting "how might we” statements (10min)

The overarching topics:

1. The healthcare ecosystem (what are barriers to entry and what are the opportunities?)

2. Who are the stakeholders & what are their interests? How do these impacts affect the dynamic between them?

3. What is the shifting business model that impacts care in the health system?

4. What are the values of stakeholders, and how does this inform KPIs? What are some of these KPIs?

Part 2: Panel Discussion of “Issues in Healthcare Innovation”


Julie Perkins

VP of Clinical Marketing at Core Mobile, Inc

Julie Perkins is VP of Clinical Marketing at Core Mobile, Inc, a cloud and predictive analytics startup specializing in making healthcare mobile, efficient and coordinated. Julie has over 15 years of specialized experience in technical marketing, clinical development, R&D, SaaS, medical devices, biotechnology and chemistry. Julie has held customer-facing roles in medical device and life sciences technology development and marketing and enjoys the interaction with clinical end users for product enhancement. She holds an MBA and PhD in Chemistry.

Roger Lam

Principal Consultant in Kaiser Permanente

Roger Lam is Principal Consultant with Kaiser Permanente's Innovation and Advanced Technology (IAT) team.  His responsibilities include researching, evaluating and conducting field trials of emerging health information technology in the clinical work place as well as patient settings.  IAT works across all of Kaiser Permanente's geographic regions and focuses on emerging technologies that have the potential to advance population health outcomes, improve the affordability of healthcare, deliver a patient experience that exceeds current expectations and engage individuals in conversations about their Total Health.  Roger's current focus is on medication adherence, consumer / clinical grade wearable technologies and virtual / augmented reality applications in medicine that can benefit health professionals and individuals in the United States. 

Anja Bog

Chief Technologist, SAP HANA Platform for Healthcare

Anja works as chief product manager for the SAP HANA Platform for Healthcare, SAP’s solution to help enable personalized medicine. Current project’s in Anja’s scope include the SAP Genomic Analyzer, an application developed in tandem with the Stanford School of Medicine as well the Medical Research Insights application developed at the National Center for Tumor Diseases. She received her PhD from the Hasso Platner Institute in Germany.

David Parpart

Senior Program Coordinator at MV Foundation & Founder of Health 2.0 Silicon Valley

Before starting Health 2.0 Silicon Valley, David spent several years in clinical practice creating integrative healthcare models and leading three cloud service and mobile startups. Health 2.0 is a meetup providing networking opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs and large organizations with interest in mobile health, patient-centered innovation, personal medicine and emerging opportunities in the healthcare industry. The monthly meetup is a hub for enterprises, organizations and investors to present opportunities, provide mentorship and engage in conversation with Silicon Valley's developer the entrepreneur community.


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