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Almost nobody questions whether or not networks need to become more programmable. Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been identified as the key technology to achieve this and among other things to resolve longstanding network operations bottlenecks. With free and open source software platforms such as OpenFlow, OpenSwitch, Open Controller, etc., SDN enables network as a service via infrastructure or network functions.

Consequently, existing networking vendors, non-traditional players and startups are in the race to bring the power of SDN to the market.  Service providers as well as enterprises are building their infrastructure, expecting the new networks to usher in lower costs, simplicity and more agility to drive their business transformation.  "SDN is a set of technologies that is essentially in play today," said Randy Nicklas, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Windstream Communications. "The network is programmable in data centers. Expanding that between data centers is a work in progress."

In this confusing and complex environment, we have pulled together a distinguished panel that will offer their insights on the tough questions:
What is the current state of SDN adoption?
What are the killer use cases? Where is the right place to start with an SDN project - the data center or the WAN?
How does SDN stack up against approaches like orchestration and automation?
What can you do by getting programmatic access via the API into the controller?
Who are the organizations on the bleeding edge?
What challenges have organizations faced with their SDN implementations.
How to evaluate current technologies and vendors?
How should enterprises determine their near term networking roadmaps?
Which SDN Vendors and ecosystems have gained traction?
Is the tension between traditional networking contenders and disruptive SDN/NFV startups sparking real innovation in production environments?

Come and get the answers to the hype and reality of SDN from our panelists

Panelists Biography

Peter Christy, Research Director, Networks, 451 Research
Peter is the Research Director of 451 Research's Networking Practice. For more than 30 years, Peter has worked with segment leaders in a spectrum of IT and networking technologies. He managed software and system technology for companies including HP, Sun, IBM, Digital Equipment Corp and Apple. Peter was founder and VP of Software at MasPar Computer, a midrange SIMD HPC provider. He was also the Founder and Principal Analyst of the Internet Research Group. In that role, Peter has been a recognized leading analyst in networking and SDN and has worked with countless vendors, service providers and end users in an advisory capacity. Networking is at a watershed point in its evolution. Improved connectivity is at the heart of the tectonic shifts in the industry, including the move to converged infrastructure and cloud computing. Software-defined networking represents a broad effort to better integrate with and automate networking, as well as a necessary reimplementation of the network as conventional software. Peter helps 451 Research clients understand how these trends impact them, and how they can best capitalize on them. Peter is a frequent speaker at leading industry events. He majored in Applied Math at Harvard College and did graduate work in EECS at UC Berkeley.

Rob Sherwood – CTO, Big Switch Networks 



 Prior to joining Big Switch Networks, an OpenFlow Standard SDN company delivering network virtualization solutions, Rob Sherwood spent 15 years in networking as an administrator, researcher, and programmer – frequently all at the same time. Most recently, Rob spent several years developing and evangelizing the emerging OpenFlow Standard, and network virtualization in particular. He prototyped the first OpenFlow Standard-based network hypervisor, the "FlowVisor", allowing production and experiment traffic to safely co-exist on the same physical network and currently deployed in numerous R&E networks. Rob's dissertation work on network measurement and security was done at the University of Maryland.


James Liao - CEO and Co-founder, Pica8 Inc


James Liao leads strategy and execution for Pica8™, a startup leading the SDN revolution and challenging 20 years of proprietary, inflexible and costly networking by providing the world's first open switching system.

James has a proven track record in networking product innovation and development. Before founding Pica8, James led product strategy for switching and data center products at original device manufacturer Quanta and helped Quanta to establish the foundation of its cloud business. Prior to Quanta, James was VP of Engineering of both Woven Systems (acquired by Fortinet) and 3UP systems and built world-class engineering teams at both companies. Before 3UP systems, James held various engineering architect and management positions in Tandem and Compaq. James holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Dan Mihai Dumitriu - CEO, CTO & Co-founder, Midokura



Dan is responsible for the technical innovation and development of designing, building and operating Midokura technology.

Prior to founding Midokura, Dan served as Chief Architect at Ballista Securities, a New York City ATS offering an electronic block trading system for options. Dan has also served as Senior Researcher at NGI Group, Technical Lead at, Researcher at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Senior Researcher at Sony Electronics, and Technical Lead at Reliable Network Solutions.

Dan holds a Master of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts, both in Computer Science, from Cornell University. He is a co-author of numerous research papers, holds several patents in the field of distributed computing, and is an expert in cloud computing technology.


Howie, Xu - Senior Director,  CISCO



Howie Xu is managing all of the engineering team in Cisco's Cloud and Networking Services group.  Before joining Cisco, Howie was VP of Engineer at Big Switch Networks where he built up the engineering team and the products from scratch.  ......

Before that, he was one of the first engineers for VMware's hypervisor product and led VMware's networking R&D group for almost a decade.   Howie is one of the co-inventors for hypervisor virtual switching, owns multiple key VMware's network or IP storage virtualization patents, and a frequent speaker, panelist, or keynote speaker at numerous industry and analyst events on network virtualization, SDN, NFV, data center networking, and cloud networking.


Frank D'Agostino - Senior Director, Cisco Systems via Insieme acquisition


Frank D’Agostino is a global executive and recognized expert in SDN, virtualization, and cloud whose track record for business outcomes includes acquisitions of Nicira Networks for 1.2B by VMware and Insieme Networks for 863M by Cisco Systems.
Over 25 years of experience building and leading teams in the web, cloud, and information technology industries with direct experience in healthcare, financial, energy, technology resellers, professional services, hardware and software manufacturing, cloud, and Software Defined Networking.
Strategic focus on results, where timing what is relevant with the market demand, has resulted in revenues in the billions.
Frank holds CCIE 3461 in Emeritus



Dr. SriMurthy Kadur - CEO, i3 World


Dr. SriMurthy Kadur  has spoken on, and chaired numerous sessions and panels in SDN and Open Servers conferences. He has delivered over 150 keynotes and chaired over 100 conferences. His has had the distinction of leading the fastest growing company, when he grew the company from $60 M revenue to $500 revenue in one year and a valuation to $3.5 B. He has also led  multiple high profile Mergers & Acquisitions. He is an adviser to national and regional political leaders including Prime Minister Modi of India  and a  few Central + State Ministers in India. He has also advised NSF, DARPA and managed R&D projects funded by multiple defense and civilian government agencies of USA. At the May 6 SDN panel he will cover the Venture Capital and M&A related issues in the SDN spaces.


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