Drone Swarms: The Buzz of the Future 2015-10-15 Written by Yingbin
江苏省南通市长一对一项目交流洽谈会 2015-09-24 Written by Yingbin
IBM SmartCamp 2015 2015-09-10 Written by Yingbin
“海外学人归国创业行”系列活动(2015夏季) 2015-07-10 Written by Yingbin
TiEcon 2015 2015-05-15 Written by Yingbin
转型之战:2015年产业巨变 2015-05-13 Written by Yingbin
Smartphone-connected Mobile Things (mThings) - Beyond the Wearables 2015-05-07 Written by Yingbin
Founders Space events 2015-05-07 Written by Yingbin
CASPA 2015 Education Day 2015-05-02 Written by Yingbin
CASPA 2015 EV (Electrical Vehicle) Technical Seminar 2015-04-22 Written by Yingbin
CASPA 2015 High Tech Job Fair and (Career/Finance) Seminars 2015-04-18 Written by Yingbin
Big Data & Analytics Developer Day 2015-04-16 Written by Yingbin
Design Thinking Meetups:A Series for the Not Designer 2015-03-31 Written by Yingbin
The Enterprise Strikes Back: Disrupting Vendor Clouds 2015-03-17 Written by Yingbin
Startup Party: 300+ Entrepreneurs, Angels, VCs & More! 2015-02-19 Written by Yingbin
Big Data - Everything You Need to Know! 2015-02-18 Written by Yingbin
Event with Jianjun Yu, Founder & CEO of Ximalaya 喜马拉雅 (Alliance Event) 2015-01-23 Written by Yingbin
Finance Management Seminar Series 2015-01-17 Written by Yingbin
IBM Innovation Center- Silicon Valley 2015-01-13 Written by Yingbin
【海纳百川】第二期创业沙龙--智能硬件­专题 2014-12-04 Written by Daniel Sanchez
Business Partner Event 2014-11-19 Written by Yingbin
Startup event 2014-11-13 Written by Yingbin
海归回国创业的体验与分享 - 是否海归,如何选择?” 2014-10-25 Written by Yingbin
Education on mobile devices - the impact of mobile devices on children’s education around the globe 2014-10-21 Written by Yingbin
CASPA 2014 Annual Conference 2014-10-11 Written by Yingbin
GizWorld Conference 2014-10-02 Written by Yingbin
2014 CASPA-UTBEF Biomedical Device Forum 2014-09-17 Written by Yingbin
Invitation: IBM Entrepreneur Huddle webcast - Business Tech Trends 2014-08-21 Written by Shi Li
2014年8月中下旬海外人才张家港考察团项目征集 2014-07-18 Written by Shi Li
CASPA 2014 Summer Symposium 2014-07-12 Written by Shi Li

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