AAMA 2010 Entrepreneur Workshop
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(Workshop for Entrepreneurs only!)

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Lunch Fireside Chat Featuring William Wang, Founder & CEO of Vizio

William Wang

Come and hear the inspiring story of how one of America's most prominent Asian Americans created the nation's #1 LCD HD television company in Southern California.  From humble beginnings to global leadership, William Wang's entrepreneurial journey is not to be missed!

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Workshop Date:  Thursday, September 30, 2010  (10:30 AM - 5:45 PM)

Venue:  SVB Financial Group (Kellogg Auditorium), 3005 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, CA  95054

Audience:  Early to Mid-Stage High-Tech, Clean Energy, and Life Science Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Cost:  Entrepreneur Workshop Only - $35 for Members,  $45 for Non-Members
          Conference Package - $99 for Members,  $119 for Non-Members
               (includes entrepreneur workshop, kick-off reception, and all-day conference)

*** Online Registration for the Workshop has been Extended to Tuesday, September 28th ***

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What To Expect

The half-day Entrepreneur Workshop provides attendees with practical information from seasoned entrepreneurs, knowledgeable investors, and a community of partners and professionals who can help you create and grow a successful startup.  Whether you are planning to start a company or just launched one, this event will lead participants through the new venture creation and funding process, as seen through the eyes of serial entrepreneurs who have "done it before" and experts who evaluate and work with startups every day.

The workshop consists of three panels and a 2-hour seminar:

Panel 1:  What's Hot?  What's Not?  Emerging Startup Investment Trends
What sectors and areas are VCs currently looking to invest in today?  Are later stage companies the new fertile ground or are early stage opportunities back in favor again?  With the U.S., China, India, and other burgeoning markets all capturing investor resources, where are the real opportunities?  Through this dynamic session with a distinguished panel of VCs, you will have an opportunity to learn about investment and market trends that are on the horizon.

Panel 2:  Creating an Ideal Startup EcoSystem
Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common:  They seek out top-notch services professionals to guide them through the labyrinth of decisions and tasks that ultimately create a successful and efficiently run startup.  Join a group of key professional services experts to learn how to tap the vast resources that are available.  The panelists will share how they assist their clients throughout the startup phase.

Panel 3:  Building a Startup from the Ground Up
A startup begins with an idea; however, an idea is not a business.  A business requires 360 vision and a nimble team to execute on technology, develop business models, and negotiate changing markets and competitive landscapes.  The discussion with a seasoned

Seminar:  Venture Finance: Do the Math
Financing a startup requires equity and more often than not, some form of debt financing. Obtaining equity can be difficult though, whether you are seeking out an angel investor or a venture capitalist.  Come learn about different sources of private equity, the basics of how ownership is shared by entrepreneurs and investors, how to look for a VC, what VCs look for in ventures they fund, and how debt can play a helpful role in growth.  Our speakers will not only dive in to the mechanics of taking private equity, but also the different uses of debt financing.

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For Volunteers

  • Meet mentors, founding partners, investors, partners and customers
  • Take varied roles for career transition preparation
  • Promote yourself, your companies, and your products

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  • Build company brand and market awareness in both US and China
  • Connect with China and US corporations and government organizations
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  • Learn technology trend and knowledge of starting up a business
  • Expand professional network in both the US and China
  • Seek new career opportunities

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