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Job Search, Entrepreneurship, or Back to School?
Strategies to Manage Your Career in Today's Economy.

Managing your career in good times is as difficult as managing it otherwise. Why? In
good times, there are more people, willing to take a risk, chasing a large number of
available opportunities. In rough times there are “fewer” opportunities, companies
are very selective in their hiring process, and more people are still competing for
those few opportunities. Today’s economy is somewhat like the latter, so it is
important to re-align your strategy to create a niche for yourself and to elevate your
personal brand.

Realignment of strategy requires you to ponder over some basic questions:

  • What is your next career milestone that you will be happy with when you
    reach it?
  • Is finding the next job in the industry that is familiar to you, the right thing for
  • Have you explored identifying ignored opportunities within a company as a
    penetration strategy, where YOU alone can add significant value?
  • What are your differentiating strengths? What past activities, successes, and
    recognition contribute to defining YOU and your brand?
  • Is this a good time to explore entrepreneurship? Are there ideas that you
    have always wanted to explore, but never had the time and risk-appetite to
    pursue them?
  • Is it a great time to go back to school and enhance your knowledge and
  • Have you thought of finding a good mentor or coach who can help you figure
    out your next best move or have you surrendered to trial and error as the only
    option to manage your career?

In this workshop, we will touch upon these important questions and then dive deep
into real take-home strategies and tools you can readily apply.

6.00 – 6.30 p.m. Registration & Networking

6.30 – 8.30 p.m. -

  • Reflecting on your next best move
  • Job search and career management strategies
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities

Vivian Li,
Director of Marketing, CCICE

Dilip Saraf, LinkedIn’s Top Coach
Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli,
CEO, Parjanya Inc.
Sara Rauchwerger, Managing Director, BG Strategy


Vivian Li is the newest member of the CCICE team.  Vivian was part of HP Strategy
& Corporate Development, where she was responsible for managing the equity
portfolio and venture outreach.  Vivian identified and worked closely with startups to
help them navigate the HP landscape and formulate strategic relationships with
different HP businesses.

Vivian’s HP career started in Corporate Strategy, where she focused on operational
improvement projects for the CEO.  Projects included vertical strategy, sales
coverage strategy, competitive analysis, and turning around business units key to
HP’s growth.

Prior to HP, Vivian was a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting, where
she identified acquisition targets, designed management metrics, developed sales
effectiveness, customer targeting, and go-to-market strategy for key clients.

Vivian holds a bachelor of science from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley
and a MBA from Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago.

Dilip Saraf has been LinkedIn’s #1  career coach from among a global pool of over
500 peers ever since LinkedIn started ranking them professionally. Having worked
with over 4,000 clients from all walks of professions and having worked with nearly
the entire spectrum of age groups—from high-school graduates about to enter
college to those in their 70s, not knowing what to do with their retirement—Dilip has
developed a unique approach to bringing meaning to their professional and
personal lives. Dilip’s professional success lies in his ability to codify what he has
learned in his own varied life and from those of his clients and to apply the essence
of that learning to each coaching situation.

After getting his B.Tech (Honors) from IIT-Bombay and Master’s in electrical
engineering(MSEE) from Stanford University, Dilip worked at various organizations,
starting as an individual contributor and then progressing to head an engineering
organization of a division of a high-tech company, with $2B in sales, in California’s
Silicon Valley. His current interest in coaching resulted from his career experiences
spanning nearly four decades, at four very diverse organizations, including a major
conglomerate in India, and from what it takes to re-invent oneself time and again.  

During the 40-plus years since his graduation, Dilip changed four careers by
reinventing himself at each transition. When he left the corporate world, as head of
engineering of a technology company, he started his own technology consulting
business, helping high-tech and biotech companies streamline their product
development processes. Dilip’s third career was working as a marketing consultant
helping Forture-500 companies dramatically improve their sales based on a novel
concept. It is during this work that Dilip realized that the greatest challenge most
corporations face is available leadership resources; too many followers looking up
to rudderless leaders.

Dilip then decided to work with corporations helping them understand the
leadership process and how to increase leadership effectiveness at every level.
Soon afterwards, when the job-market shift that hit the Silicon Valley in 2001 like a
tsunami, Dilip changed his career track again and decided to work initially with many
high-tech refugees who wanted expert guidance in their reinvention and
reemployment. Quickly, Dilip expanded his practice to help professionals from all
walks of life.

Now in his fifth career, Dilip works with professionals in the Silicon Valley and
around the world helping with reinvention to get their dream jobs or vocations. As a
career counselor and life coach, Dilip’s focus has been career transitions for
professionals at all levels and engaging them in a purposeful pursuit. Working with
them, he has developed many groundbreaking approaches to career transition that
are now published in five books and hundreds of articles. He has worked with those
looking for a change in their careers and jobs at levels ranging from CEOs to
hospital orderlies. He has developed numerous seminars and workshops to
complement his individual coaching for helping others with making career and life

Since the Valley’s worst job drought in 2001, Dilip has shown over 4,000
professionals globally on how to reinvent themselves or to manage their careers
better. Dilip’s central theme in his practice is to help clients discover their genius
and then build a value proposition around it to articulate a strong verbal brand.

Throughout this journey, Dilip has come up with many groundbreaking practices
such as an Inductive Résumé and the Genius Extraction Tool. Dilip owns two
patents, has two publications in the Harvard Business Review and has led a CEO
roundtable for Chief Executive on Customer Loyalty. Both Amazon and B&N list
numerous reviews on his five books. Dilip is also listed in Who’s Who, has
appeared several times on CNN Headline News/Comcast Local Edition, as well as
in the San Francisco Chronicle in its career columns. Dilip is a contributing writer to
several publications. Dilip is Chairman of the Career Resource Center of the India
Community Center in Milpitas and teaches two courses on career management at
the University of California Santa Cruz Extension. Dilip is a sought-after speaker at
public and private forums on jobs, careers, leadership challenges, and how to be an
effective leader.

Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli (“Ravi”) is the Founder and CEO of Parjanya Inc., a
Silicon Valley start-up developing web-based collaboration technologies to deliver
‘Knowledge, Wisdom and Mentorship to Aspiring Individuals Worldwide.’ Ravi’s
global vision is to inspire the next generation of professionals, researchers and
entrepreneurs, and mentor them to achieve their career and life goals. Ravi has
been invited to speak about his vision at conferences in India and USA, and his work
has also been covered in a Harvard Business Review article titled “Wanted:
Entrepreneurs Who Can Ignite 550 Million Young Indian Minds.” Ravi was also a
contributing stakeholder and technology consultant for a June 2010 research report
on ‘Collaborative Workforce Development in Silicon Valley” by Silicon Valley Joint
Venture Network.

Before founding Parjanya, Ravi served as the CEO and Chief Mentor of Turning Point
Academy, when he developed innovative solutions for mentoring high school and
college students, in USA and India. Prior to that, Ravi worked as a Supply Chain
Management professional in Automotive, High Technology and Aerospace
industries for over 12 years, serving customers like Boeing, Raytheon, Hitachi GST,
Cypress and General Motors. Ravi looks at his current work at Parjanya as a way to
‘optimize the global talent supply chain’ and help millions of people realize their
aspirations, through access to knowledge, wisdom and mentorship.

Ravi is an engineer by training and received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, M.S.E. in Ocean Engineering from Florida
Atlantic University, Boca Raton and B. Tech. in Naval Architecture from the
prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Ravi also spends his time
working with Lead India 2020 foundation, Room to Read, and enjoys travelling,
meeting new people, reading inspiring books, and listening to Indian classical

Sara Rauchwerger is the Founder and Director of CCICE and Founder and
Managing Director of BG Strategy; a leading global market entry services company,
specializing in helping clients enter global markets including industry specific
investment opportunities. Ms. Rauchwerger brings over 20 years of Business
Development and Business Strategy Experience from both private enterprises and
government contracts from various companies in the fields of Telecommunication,
Aerospace, and Information Technology. She has been instrumental in building and
sustaining cross boarder business opportunities by spearheading global
expansion for private enterprises (SME’s) to corporate publicly listed companies.   

Ms. Rauchwerger has been instrumental in helping companies extend globally in
particular into China providing inception to closure market entry services for
companies interested in entering Telecommunication & Information Technology
markets.  Prior to the founding of BG Strategy in 2001, Ms. Rauchwerger was
responsible for business capture strategies, worldwide expansion of business
opportunities, and generating and managing contract bids of mulit-million dollar
projects in companies such as Alcatel, Lockheed Martin, TRW and Varian.  Her
international experience includes working and living in France, Germany, Sweden
and China.  Her hands-on experience as an entrepreneur managing a global
company enables her to understand the dynamics of a business environment from
a personal perspective.

Ms. Rauchwerger, in addition, brings extensive expertise, working for small and
medium companies, in strategic planning from the preparation of business plans,
development of marketing plans, financial analysis, financing, valuation,
communications for new ventures, extensive 10-year long range master plans and
market research.  She helped owners and shareholders maximize value through the
successful implementation of these plans.

Ms. Rauchwerger holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree in
International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (Ecole de
Management), France and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical
Engineering from San Jose State University, California. She is a regular speaker
globally at conferences, forums, events and at universities.  She is a visiting
professor at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business and l'Institut
d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) Grenoble teaching Entrepreneurship.

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