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Manager, QA – eBay

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Job Description

eBay’s Managed Marketplaces team is looking for a dynamic and innovative Quality Engineering Manager who is experienced with managing test teams for sophisticated large-scale, high velocity, global applications and web platforms. This manager will oversee a team of engineers responsible for certifying, and automating testing for major portions of eBay’s core marketplace platform: a global, distributed component architecture serving 100+ million visits a week which remains the largest eCommerce platform in the world.

In this role you will:

  • Manage a team of 6-10 engineers, certifying major customer facing portions of the eBay marketplace, using an in-house java automation framework built on top of Selenium and Test NG, run from Hudson/Jenkins.
  • Be a thought-leader for your team and others, proposing and building investments in automation frameworks & tools, to drive improvements and efficiencies across the larger Quality Engineering org. For example, recognizing inefficient automation coding and refactoring for modularity, ease of test data creation, and re-usability, or writing tools which integrate information from many different sources – functional tests, security tests, load and performance tests, builds, versions, bugs, release - to simplify the E2E QE process, reduce manual effort, and facilitate faster decision making.
  • Manage a large-scale portfolio of automation tests for a diverse set of site features, involving thousands of test cases across 10’s of integrated applications in a services oriented architecture, serving both web, mobile app, and third-party SOA integrated use-cases
  • Participate directly in design and architecture sessions of eBay applications, providing quality engineering’s perspective on design for testability, configurability, ease or deployment/release, environment autonomy, etc. 
  • Manage QE commitments and prioritization in an Agile environment involving many S/M/L concurrent projects, frequent, iterative site releases and routine changes in direction and prioritization in response to A:B experimental test results in Prod, direct user feedback, etc. 
  • Work with Product Management, Product Development partners to carefully orchestrate implementation plans for large-scale multi-team projects, maximizing testability and efficiency in delivery, and negotiating appropriate handover criteria based on project complexity/risk. 
  • Manage across a matrix of teams, coordinating testing for larger integrated projects across partner teams, including peer teams in China and India
  • Hire and mentor outstanding, top-quality engineers, and develop the team into a high-performance engine for high-quality automation and site features 
  • Master accountability and influence without direct authority, be able to negotiate solutions to difficult resource challenges involving careful consideration of risk/return tradeoffs 
    Manage the daily execution of projects, ensuring on-time delivery with results that meet or exceed commitments. Handle escalations and resolve issues around quality, coverage, prioritization, etc.

Job Requirements

You must be customer-focused, resourceful, hands-on, detail-oriented, adaptable, and flexible. You should have strong leadership skills and a solid technical background. You must be a proactive and effective communicator, both verbally and in writing.

In addition, you must possess:

  • Extensive experience with globally distributed applications, with heavy reliance on service based architectures and events based processing
  • Experienced manager of automation teams, has built and implemented large-scale automation platforms using a combination of open-source and third party tools, and in-house, purpose built automation frameworks preferably in Java or C++ for managing thousands of tests across diverse areas
  • Direct experience with A:B testing and effectively certifying applications for mutli-variant experimentation in Prod
  • Comfortable with scrum style, agile release lifecycles, requiring quick turn-around, frequent reprioritization, and juggling many concurrent projects at a time
  • Strong e-commerce expertise
  • Experience with Selenium, TestNG, or comparable automation tools
  • Experience with junit testing, code-coverage measurement tools and java-profiling tools
  • Experience with Hudson/Jenkins, or comparable continuous integration tools
  • Experience with Load and Performance testing concepts and site-speed optimization
  • Experience with Security testing and protection from external attacks
  • Masters degree + 6 years experience or Bachelors degree + 8 years experience, in CS, EE, or other technical field
  • Experience should be primarily in quality assurance / quality engineering / QA / QE or product development / PD, and include at least 3+ years in a management role

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