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Silicon Valley China Wireless Mobile Forum -- Panel Description

Panel I:

Mobile Ecosystem - Devices, Apps, Wireless Network & the Cloud

According to Juniper research, the market for cloud-based mobile apps will reach $9.5 billion in 2014. The tremendous success of smart mobile devices has boosted high usage of mobile apps and strong demand for computing power and data storage on device. Powerful and scalable cloud services together with fast growing wireless broadband technologies complement limited on-device resources. With adoption of HTML5 and launch of iCloud, “cloud + mobile” strategy is becoming a “conventional wisdom” in the mobile industry.

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from industry thought leaders from leading companies and venture capital firms in this space. You will learn from their visions on mobile cloud computing and first-hand experiences with cloud based consumer/enterprise mobile products.

Panel II:

Intelligent System Will Make Our Life Smarter

Over the next three years, the next billion Internet users will access the Internet on devices that are primarily not PCs. The dramatic rise of smartphones, tablets, and other emerging mobile form factors are here today and changing at a break-neck pace, but this is only one part of the story. Despite the rapid shift in these markets, we are just at the beginning of what is to come for computing. Increasingly, people will be connected across a multitude of devices, machine to machine, and on cloud-enabled networks that are seamless, personalized, and secure. This migration to the next era of computing is what we have coined as the transformation toward intelligent systems.

At this panel, industry leaders from across the IT, hardware, software, semiconductor, consumer electronics, will come together to describe our united vision on the opportunity ahead for intelligent systems.

Panel III:

China Style Innovation

China has been showing unprecedented progress in many aspects. However, critiques about lack of innovation accompany the growth. Some people in China believe that innovation is always from Shanzhai, a term similar to copycat, which is the stepping stone for companies to become successful and innovative.

Weibo copied Twitter, but added more features. Taobao copied eBay, but made it widely used. Xiaomi copied Android, but improved the usability.

Are these micro-innovations considered true creativity? Who will drive China entering the technology breakthrough era from the evolution journey: government organizations, entrepreneurs, or venture capitalists? What are the challenges that China’s innovators are facing?

A panel of China and US corporate executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, lawyers and government people will share their experiences and anticipations with us and show us a 360-degree view of the history, present and future about the innovations in technology.

Panel IV:

Expand Business to Silicon Valley and the World


US has the world largest consumer market, largest enterprise hardware market and largest enterprise software market, and will be in the leading position for quite some time. Besides market size, the top talents, migrated from all over the world, attract the foreign companies entering to US. The fast-growing China companies fueled with huge amount of capital from the government and private investors, plus almost unlimited workforce, are repeating Japan’s expansion phenomenon in 1980s to US.

As a China growing company, how can you leap through the Pacific and land smoothly to the lucrative but challenging US market? How can you survive the competition with the world largest players including Google, Cisco, IBM and Facebook? What is the chance for a mid-size company to become a consumer brand name like Lenovo or an enterprise solution provider like Huawei in US?

This panel of subject- matter experts will provide solutions for the real problems that you will run into when expanding into the US market.

• How to register corporation and set up branches in US

• How to set up network and servers on the cloud

• How to hire quality people and overcome differences in management style and corporate culture

• How to generate market awareness and build partnership with major players in US

• How to find acquisition target and overcome legal hurdles

• How to conduct roadshows and win a success IPO

• How to create IP advantage and bring technology and know-how back to China

• How to finance and transfer money between US and China currencies

It is also a chance to meet leading legal, finance and marketing service providers from US.

Panel V:

Silicon Valley Showcase

At this session, a group of companies from Silicon Valley will showcase the latest technologies and products from the world center of innovation.

Come and meet the true Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and connect with them face-to-face to build your partnership with Silicon Valley.

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