Our Speakers:

  • liu, lihuaLiu, Lihua
    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Yan Liu
    Director of the State Radio Monitoring Center
    MIIT, China
  • Xie, Feibo
    Director, Radio Regulatory Bureau
    MIIT, China
  • Wang, XiaoYun
    GM, Technology Division
    China Mobile
  • Zhang, ZhongPing
    GM, Technology Division
    China Unicom
  • Yang, HongYi
    China Transport Telecommunication & Information Center
  • Zhang, Wei
    Sr. Director of Mobile
  • Jonathan Goldberg
    Deutsche Bank
  • Richard Robinson
  • Xiaobo Wang
    General Manager
    Beijing eTown International Investment
  • Jiang Liu
    Chief Editor
  • Harry Wang
    Angel Investor
    Ex-Facebook Development Manager
  • Duan Ruichun
    China Association for Technology Advancement of Private Enterprises
  • Kristen Durham
    Global Gateway Director
    Silicon Valley Bank
  • David Gong
    Senior Adviser
  • Shaofeng Zhang
  • Jilei Hou
    General Manager
    Qualcomm Research China

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