IoT @Home

Day Two (Saturday, September 24)

1:30 - 2:45 pm

Panel: Internet of Things @Home

John Yu, Moderator 

    Founding Partner, Managing Director, WestSummit Capital 

Gene Wang, CEO & Chairman of People Power Co.

Michael Finegan, Sprint Emerging Solutions, West Area M2M

Doug Tsui, Managing Director, Horizon Ventures


New breed of network service provider platforms for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications are beginning to support a large, diverse, and growing installed base of connected devices, which are collectively known as the Internet of Things (or IoT). Examples of devices in IoT space include stand-alone devices connected to the wireless Internet (e.g. digital signage on a billboard or a vending machine), residential gateway with broadband Internet connection, or any device installed at home, in a vehicle, or in an enterprise with direct Internet connectivity.

In this panel, we will focus on both the technologies and business sides of the consumer applications space of IoT (or M2M) i.e. IoT@home and address the following questions:
  1. What business opportunities of IoT are available for Telcos?
  2. What investing opportunities are emerging in IoT space from the perspectives of VCs?
  3. What are the key enabling technologies in IoT@Home?
  4. How government subsidies and what regulations can help or hurt new businesses in IoT@Home?
  5. What value proposition does IoT@Home and what impact it will have on our quality of life.


John Yu, Founding Partner, Managing Director, WestSummit Capital 

John is a Founding Partner and Managing Director of WestSummit Capital.


John has more than 20 years of investment and operations experience in the software and semiconductor industry.


Prior to WestSummit, John was the General Manager of AgateLogic China. And before that he was the Founder and CTO of Viaquo, a data security software company. Earlier, John was the Co-Founder and COO of Advanced Communication Devices (ACD), acquired by UTStarcom (NASDAQ: UTSI) in 2001. ACD was a leading SoC semiconductor company focusing on LAN and IP switching technology with operations in the US and Asia.

John holds a BS and MS from Tsinghua University and was a PhD Candidate at the University of Toledo. 



Gene Wang, CEO & Chairman of People Power Co.

Gene is founder of People Power Company, a green tech startup focusing on Energy Efficiency. People Power is helping consumers save money on their energy bills while helping to save the planet by reducing carbon pollution. Gene was previously CEO and Founder of Bitfone, which he sold to HP in 2007, becoming HP's VP Marketing for the Handheld business unit. Bitfone was the industry leader in Over-The-Air device management solutions for mobile phones, with customers such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LGE and China Mobile.

Previously, Gene was CEO and Founder of Photo Access, which sold its hardware business unit to Agilent Technologies and its photo portal to Photoworks, now part of American Greetings. Gene was CEO of Computer Motion, a leader in medical robotics, which he led through a successful IPO in 1997. At Symantec, Gene was Executive VP where he managed four divisions and helped grow annual sales from $172 million to $412 million. Gene was VP and general manager at Borland, where he drove sales of the C++ programming language to over one million copies.

Gene earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from U.C. Berkeley. Gene likes to record and play music and is happily married with three children and one bad dog.



Michael Finegan, Sprint Emerging Solutions Group, West Area M2M, Manager, Solutions Engineering 

 Michael is a member of Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group (ESG) and leads the West Area M2M Solution Engineering team..
Sprint’s ESG charter is to identify and seek out high value retail and wholesale machine-to-machine and embedded systems solutions across all channels and all markets. He is on Sprint’s M2M Collaboration Center Advisory Council created to develop new ecosystem partners to support “Rapid Solution Development” that leverage CDMA (1xRTT advanced and 3G), and 4G technologies including WiMAX and LTE.

Michael has been in the telecommunications industry for 14 years and started his tenure at Sprint in 1997. Michael specializes in designing Wireless and Wire Line WAN topologies,  implementing Machine-to-Machine and Telemetry solutions as well as MPLS, Dedicated IP, IP Telephony, SIP Trunking. He previously provided technical sales support for a systems integration company, selling client server applications and consulting services.



Doug Tsui, Managing Director, Horizon Ventures

Doug is a networking industry veteran with over 15 years of marketing and business development experience and 10 years in venture capital management. He has broad knowledge and investment experience in the data networking, multimedia, and Internet Infrastructure area. Doug’s prior operational roles included serving as VP of Marketing for Precept Software, a network video software company which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998. He was also VP of marketing and business development for First Virtual Communications. Prior to FVC, Doug was a senior business executive for the early years of Cisco Systems, 3Com/Bridge Communications, and Hewlett-Packard.

Doug has funded and worked with numerous high-tech startup companies as an angel investor prior to Horizon Ventures. He invested in companies such as AudioTalk(acquired by HearMe), Vertex Networks (acquired by Mitel Corp.), Rapidstream (acquired by WatchGuard), and Centrum Communications (acquired by 3Com).

Doug holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a MBA degree from Santa Clara University. He is the past president and board member of the Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA) and a current board member of Hong, a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley.


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