Day Two (Saturday, September 24)

3:30 – 4:45 pm

Panel: Start-ups in China and Silicon Valley

Shirley Lin, Moderator

    Founder/Chief Player, YoXi123

Kai Huang, CEO, Red Octane (creator of Guitar Hero, sold to Activision)

Andrew Hsu (徐安庐), Founder, CEO of Airy Labs, Neuroscientist, Technologist

Tao Huang, Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Suleman Ali, Founder, Tiny Co. 

HP Jin, Founder, President & CEO, TeleNav 


As China is undergoing the economy and technology booming, with the fast-growing market, low-cost talents and easily-raised money, building a successful business in China becomes the dream that many entrepreneurs are pursuing. However, the startup environment in China is quite unique and challenging to both young entrepreneurs and industry veterans.

At the same time, Silicon Valley is the world leading center for innovation with many most successful technology companies and most talented people. However, the current US economy down turn and expensive business cost work just against the entrepreneurs.

Which side is the better environment for the startup? How to expand the business across the border? Is the China government money a good angel resource? What kind of service providers should be chosen to cover the business at both ends? How to minimize employee turnover rate and protect IP from competitors, partners and even employees?

In this panel, we will bring in a group of successful entrepreneurs, government officials, legal and finance experts, and China-focused angels/VCs, to answer the questions you have. Meanwhile, it can be an opportunity to grow your network and find your investors in preparation for your China adventure.



Shirley X. Lin,  Founder & Chief Player of YoXi123

Shirley founded YoXi123, a Silicon Valley startup in social game development and publishing, in Jan. 2010. "YoXi", pronounced as “you-shi”, is a popular Chinese word for "game play" or "play game". Shirley also advises to European Gaming startups on business development and developer community outreach.

Previously she co-founded WooMeOver, a social site connecting jewelry lovers and jewelry designers. Prior to that, she worked in various startups including V.P. of Operations at Kavayi Software, an online baby-book creator, and founder of Cajava, a video sharing site. Before she became a serial entrepreneur, she was Sr. Manager at Tandem Computers, later acquired by Hewett Packard, where she managed the ServerNet System Development department. Prior to Tandem, she was the Section Manager at Tymnet, a wide-area network, which was acquired by MCI. Before Tymnet, Shirley was the project lead at Ford Aerospace, NASA, Johnson Space Center in Houston, on the Space Shuttle related programs.

Shirley holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M and a B.A. in History from National Taiwan University.


Andrew Hsu (徐安庐), Founder/CEO of Airy Labs

Founded in 2011, Airy Labs has recently raised $1.5M funding.  Airy Labs focuses on social learning games on mobile for children education.  He is the PhD candidate at Stanford on Neuroscience Program. 

He has been a budding entrepreneur, neuroscientist, author, founder of a nonprofit for children, and technologist. 

He started at the University of Washington at age 12 and graduated with B.S. degrees in Neurobiology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry, and a minor in mathematics, at age 16. 

Before entering college, he was the youngest grand prize winner at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair, and the youngest finalist in the history of the Intel International Science Fair, the top worldwide high school science competition.He is now a PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Stanford University, where he was a Frances B. Nelson Fellow and a Smith Stanford Graduate Fellow. He is the author of several books, including A Life of Science.

He was also a competitive swimmer when he was younger, posting the fastest 100 butterfly time on the West Coast of the US among 12-year-olds.


Dr. Tao Huang, Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


Dr. Tao Huang advises primarily biotech, pharmaceutical, and nanotech companies on patent matters. He also advises companies starting up in China.  

A biochemist and molecular biologist by training, Tao has worked in biotechnology-related fields for over a decade and has an extensive background in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, neurobiology, cancer biology, and material science.

Prior to his legal career, Tao was a post-doctoral scientist at Princeton University. He has co-authored more than 20 scientific research papers and reviews.

Tao received his J.D. from University of Michigan Law School, 2005, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, 1996, and B.S., Biophysics, Nankai University, 1992.



Kai Huang, Founder of Guitar Hero

Kai Huang is a co-founder of RedOctane and has been the President and CEO since 1999. Publishers of the popular Guitar Hero franchise, RedOctane was acquired by Activision in June 2006. Prior to RedOctane, Mr. Huang was co-founder and CEO of Adux Software, a software company developing solutions for the server appliance market. Adux Software was sold in 1999. From July 1994 to August 1998, Mr. Huang was a consultant with Accenture where he worked with Fortune 500 clients in the area of supply chain management.

Mr. Huang holds a BA in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.



Suleman Ali,  Founder, Tiny Co

Suli is cofounder of TinyCo, which he founded with former high-school classmate Ian Spivey in early 2009. Previously, Suli founded social applications start-up Esgut in 2007, which was acquired by Social Gaming Network in 2008. Esgut created hit social apps like Superlatives and Entourage. Prior to founding Esgut, Suli worked at Microsoft as an engineer in the Windows division and as a PM on the Windows Home Server product for 3.5 years. Suli studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech, graduating in 2003.



HP Jin, Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer Telenav

HP Jin co-founded TeleNav in 1999, leveraging his expertise in location and wireless Internet technologies and his years of experience in business management and strategy development. Prior to starting TeleNav, he served as senior strategy consultant for the McKenna Group where he developed business strategies for companies in telecom and IT. Before that, HP worked at McKinsey & Company as a business strategy and management consultant, advising wireless and landline operators on data and wireless strategies. HP was also a technical director at LINCSS/Loral, where he was involved in R&D management, strategic alliance initiatives and business model development.

HP holds a Ph.D. in Guidance, Navigation and Control (Aeronautics and Astronautics department), a Ph.D. minor in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China.


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